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I'm a life lover born in the 80' in Sicily (Italy). I started my first basic and ms-dos 5.0 when i was only 8 years old, and from that date i never stopped to be impressed by technology which felt accelerating exponentially; I still remember my times with 2400bps modem and bbs, liquid cooled cpu sockets and reverse engineering techniques. I love food, music, sports and sea, and today i'm just CEO and Founder at, an awesome SaaS for great companies entirelly done by me and my team


Network engineer, IT & Security Expert, Linux System Administrator, Voip Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Digital Marketing advisor, UX & Graphic designer, Real-Time Translator, Reverse engineering specialist

  • Roberto Innaimi
  • 24 August
  • CEO at
  • Yes, of course.
  • Roberto Innaimi


Speaking in 3 Languages (Spanish, English and Italian as native speaker); Actually living in Alicante city (Spain) but continuosly travelling around the world

Global IT Knowledgment100%
IT Security95%
Linux System Administration90%
Marketing advisor80%
Dancing 60%
Fishing 49%

If you want to build your success on your IT project/idea, you can contact me, in both Italian, English or Spanish languages.

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I am open to everykinda of idea or project which can be a success for you, because i firmly think that your happiness will be my satisfaction and of course, success is always the result of hard work, learning, loyalty and persistence; this means that i bring a lot to the table and i'm not only talking about material things, but what i have to offer as a person, as human.... as me.


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Somewhere in Alicante, Spain

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